Trend Analysis

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Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis is a key research project within CRISP, investigating into the interconnection and mutual shaping of social and technical transformation processes. The general goal is to identify the implications social transformations have for technological development; and the way technological developments affect economy and society.

Insofar as flows of information and the structuring of communication processes are shaped by social norms, and in turn generate social order, Information and Communication Technologies show quite plainly how technologies encroach upon social structures, for they preform how information and communication is done. What follows from this is that technological development is the more successful the more there is reflection in the design process on how the technology to be developed is likely to form social informational and communicative processes.

The Trend Analysis project, by empirically detecting cutting-edge trends that have the potential to inform future developments allows for forecasting and making recommendations as regards scientific, economic, and political decision making. This way it becomes possible to identify existing problems in the realm of IT security and privacy at an early stage so as to take those problems into account when designing technology.

Next to above mentioned sociological approach, the Trend Analysis project also addresses an economic approach to secure software engineering.

From the economic perspective investments into IT security issues, processes and mechanisms are difficult to handle, because the added values of these expenses cannot be calculated easily. The lack of directly attributable quantitative metrics for efforts spent on IT security aspects during development and maintenance of software projects makes it difficult to use traditional cost-benefit analyses. Even if tried, the results are usually not accurate enough to perform meaningful and transparent decisions on improvement measures or to justify investments.

There are currently two sub-projects running in the Trend Analysis section of CRISP:

Project 1: Emerging Forms of Software Development & Implications for IT Security

Project 2: Empirical analyses of IT Security issues in Open Source software development